Honda CRZ ZE2 CAN Bit Assignment Sheet

A while ago I hooked a CAN logger to a friends CRZ, and reverse-engineered the CAN bus on both thr vehicle CAN and the secondary IMA CAN bus. Hope it helps for your projects 😉

Vehicle CAN

Message IDBitLengthDescription
0x13F816ThrottlePosition raw
0x13F4032ThrottlePosition counter
0x16408Headlight switch
0x1644816Vehicle speed
0x17C2416Engine RPM
0x19111Transmission reverse SW
0x19121Transmission neutral SW
0x374328Trunk open
0x13688VTEC SW
0x13608fuel cutoff


Message IDBitLengthDescription
0x111816IMA Motor RPM
0x169816IMA motor current (mA)
0x2312416IMA SOC

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