1987 Silver Nissan Sunny Coupe SLX

In Germany, when you are living on the countryside and turn 18, one of the most yearningly awaited rights is to be able to legally drive a car by yourself. When it was my turn to reach the magic date in late 2007, it took me another few months until I passed my driving exam. By January 2008, I bought my first 900€ car. By March, I had turned into a frequent junkyard visitor. In early April 2008, I discovered this 1987 Sunny Coupe in a U-Pull-It junkyard in Karlsruhe, the city where Karl Drais discovered the draisine the bicycle.

This Sunny was a 1987 low-spec SLX (“Super Luxury Extra”) model, featuring the robust single-point injection 8 valve E16i engine. Later on, I would end up drive an almost identical model with the same engine for almost 10 years.

Overall, the car was in good condition, except for a first-sized rust hole in the right rocker panel, right below the end of the door.

I assume the Sunny failed the technical inspection because of his, and the owner decided the repair was not economical.

Actually, the rest of the car was not too bad – my 900€ beater looked much worse, so I was a bit jealous when I saw the rust-free rear wheel housings. Yes, I took 20 minutes to remove the rear trunk lining, just to be able to take these pictures.

Being very inexperienced, I only took a few easy-to-remove parts, such as the taillights and the indicator lights, and left everything else to the crusher.

The first car you take parts from at a junkyard is a bit like the first girlfriend: an experience you’ll never forget. Rest in peace, little Sunny Coupe.

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