How to Use PayEasy in Japan

A few days ago, I had to request some tax certificates, which I have done online via the Japanese eTax website. The payment information is provided using three numbers:

  • 収納機関番号
  • 納付番号 
  • A checksum number

Some banks allow making the Payment online, but the usual foreigner-friendly banks (Shinsei/Prestia/….) don’t support online payment using PayEasy.

Some Conbini like FamilyMart allow you to pay the taxes, if they are encoded as a QR or barcode. I didn’t have that, the eTax website only provided me the numbers.

My second attempt was to go to an ATM of みずほ銀行, which supported PayEasy, but didn’t allow cash payment. My cash card was not accepted, so I couldn’t pay there either.

Finally, I found an ATM at the Japan Post Bank, which supports both cash and PayEasy, and I was finally able to settle the payment.

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