Nissan Sunny Rz1 Digital Cluster Adapter Schematics and CAD

I would like to make the Nissan Sunny Rz1 Digital Cluster Adapter open-source and allow DIYers to build the project themselves.

To build the adapter yourself, you will need to:

  • Have the adapter PCB manufactured, solder all components, and program it
  • Set up the correct dataset and configuration for your Rz1
  • 3D-print the wiring harness connector adapters
  • Have the PCBs that are part of the connector manufactured
  • Build the wiring harness

Build the Adapter ECU

First, you need to order the manufacturing of the PCB. You can download the schematics and layout file below.

It is probably best to directly order them from a company which directly does SMD assembly to reduce the effort.

The firmware that you need to flash can be found here:

You will need to clone the repository, build the firmware, and flash it to the STM32 located on the PCB board.

After assembly and flashing, you should be able to see a command prompt via the UART.

Build the Adapter Harness

To build the adapter harness, you will need the following parts:

  • 3D-printed connector cases for the female plugs to connect to your vehicle harness. You can download the CAD drawings and STL files below.
  • The printed PCBs that are installed inside the 3D-printed connector cases (in total, 4 PCBs are needed).
  • The cluster connector salvaged from a wrecked Nissan Sunny B12
  • TE Connectivity connector 175964-2 to connect to the adapter ECU
  • TE Connectivity connector 172021-2 to connect to the digital cluster
  • Lots of automotive grade cables, crimp equipment, soldering equipment
  • Firewall grommet 38mm diameter

The instructions on how to build the adapter harness can be found in the Excel document below.

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